Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to most of your questions

D2W is a digital space where brands can directly advertise their products/services to the unorganised workers of India.

If it works for your brand, you can use these millions of HNM web pages to advertise your products/services directly to the workers of India.

They are workers whose monthly household income varies between ₹25,000 and ₹50,000, where the husband and wife work in separate domains to earn their living.

They are the Domestic Workers, Office Workers, Drivers, Security Guards, Healthcare Workers, Store Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, School Workers, Factory Workers, Construction Workers and Automotive Workers.

No, we do not have an internal tracking system. We prefer following a 3rd party to endorse our traffic. We follow Google Analytics 4 to track the traffic on HNM web pages.

Both are possible. You can feature your brand on all the HNM web pages. You can also select states, cities, profiles, time bands and ad formats that fit the best for your brand.

They are UP, Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, Bihar, Haryana and Punjab (in that order)